Surveymonkey Data Processing Agreement

We are taking increasingly large surveys of designated individuals, such as our candidate surveys.B. We check to what extent contractors comply with the DMPR to decide whether they should be used. We only use contractors if we are satisfied that they respect data security in accordance with the RGPD. Data security is something we take very seriously. The reasons we chose Survey Monkey are their approach to data security. Our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with Survey Monkey defines the use of EU-approved standard contractual clauses. This means that the collection, use, transmission and storage of personal data is in line with the RGPD. If you would like more information about Survey Monkey and data security, please visit their website: Our data control agency is an agreement between an account owner and SurveyMonkey. If you don`t have an Enterprise account, the account email address indicates the account holder and not a company or organization the account holder can work for.

SurveyMonkey Apply customer data (formerly known as FluidReview) is stored on servers in Canada or the United States. Contact customers should be aware that, for some reason, their data can still be accessed in the United States. For example, we offer customer and billing support from our U.S. offices. We provide customer service to our U.S., European, Australian and Canadian subsidiaries to provide 24-hour coverage. Some data can be exported or accessed for legitimate and useful purposes to provide external support to Europe. SurveyMonkey has been certified in accordance with the U.S.-U.S. and Swiss-US Privacy Shield programs, which have legalized the collection, use, transfer and storage of personal data from Europe to the United States. This method of transferring personal data has been invalidated by the European courts, and we therefore insert our clients into our data processing contracts (DPAs) with CSC below. You may be able to exercise the following rights to your data: Because SurveyMonkey does not control the response data you have collected, we cannot directly process these types of requests, but we help you identify the account holder and put them in touch with you. Account holders are responsible for ensuring that the investigations they have sent comply with the necessary data protection legislation.

Learn more about data collection and best practices in data protection. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal data of people living in the European Union (EU). As an account holder, you must respond to requests from people who apply to exercise their rights. As SurveyMonkey is not the answer controller, we cannot process these requests directly for you, but we help you respond to requests from respondents. These articles can help you manage the data required for interviewees: account holders can be either individual investigators or organizations that have a SurveyMonkey account with multiple users. You can view, edit, delete and download some of your data directly into your account or contact us to exercise your rights. If you are in the European Union and are not satisfied with the way we have handled your application, you can contact your local data protection authority. If you are in the European Union, you will find your local authority on the ODPC website.

Our European unit is SurveyMonkey Europe UC, which works in Ireland on behalf of the Irish Data Protection Supervisor. Visitors can be those who visit a SurveyMonkey website.