Token Option Agreement

This grouped collateral mechanism ensures that option positions are always fully guaranteed. For the EET`s selling options, the contract is blocked at the EH strike price for the period for which a holder paid. For EET call options, a corresponding eth quantity is also blocked. Hegic`s cash pools are the only consideration for option buyers in all transactions. In the first few months that OPYN was live on Mainnet, there were only options to sell the EET. But on June 12, the first OPYN call option went live on the platform. One would expect the inclination of this curve in the TVL diagram to be more vertical, as call options are available. No complete overview of the new loyalty protocols would be complete, without at least a mention of Synthetix. As a platform focused on creating all types of synthetic assets, the options are obviously on the project`s radar from the start.

Earlier this year, the project announced its intention to launch paramutual binary options before the end of the year and announced Q3 as a target in the 2020 roadmap. On June 23, Synthetics published a brief introduction to the prototype of what the Synthetic Options platform looks like on Synthetix Community Governance Call. Overall, these token-based bonuses emulate traditional stock-based bonuses, including restricted tokens, I-tokens options and restricted token units. It is no coincidence that compensatory premium structures are largely controlled by tax and the code rules for token-based premiums are the same as for traditional stock-based bonuses. It is interesting to note that we believe that (i) limited share premiums were awarded primarily in the early stages of companies, (ii) limited share shares of publicly traded companies and the most mature private companies and (iii) stock options are widely used at all stages; in all cases, the opposite should be the case for the corresponding token premiums.