Working At Mcmaster Collective Agreement

Copies of the collective agreements are available from Human Resources Services, Gilmour Hall 304 or UNIFOR Local 5555 Office, Gilmour Hall B111. One of the most important things we do is negotiate and impose a collective agreement for each of our three units. A collective agreement is a legally binding employment contract that describes all the benefits, rights and obligations of union members, as well as the responsibilities and duties of the employer (McMaster University). UNIFOR Local 5555 and the University created the Employment Services Committee to promote effective working and communication relations between the parties and to maintain a spirit of mutual cooperation and respect. UNIFOR Local 5555 – McMaster University Labour Management Committee consists of five (5) association representatives and five (5) university representatives. Minutes from previous meetings are available below. What will happen if employers and unions fail to agree on the terms of a collective agreement during negotiations? Either the employer or the union can ask the Ontario Minister of Labour to appoint a conciliation mediator. This official will then try to help them reach an agreement. The previous agreement between TAs and the University stipulated that Ontario teaching assistants are recognized by the university as part of the agreement. Mitra stated, however, that this was widely interpreted by the union as teaching assistants working for McMaster, an Ontario-based institution. The 2011-2016 collective agreement is available here. “It is simply unacceptable for the employer to use the pandemic to get people out of the union, to weaken our collective power and to deprive them directly of these benefits and protections.

In fact, McMaster found a loophole to exploit us,” Mitra said. Conciliation is a procedure by which a union or employer can seek assistance from the Ontario Ministry of Labour to resolve their disputes so that they can obtain a collective agreement. Any party can go to the department. When the parties are in negotiations, they must use the government`s conciliation services before they are able to involve a strike or lockout. The situation has been referred to arbitration proceedings and the union is working with CUPE National`s legal department to prepare for the next steps in negotiations with McMaster. We recently ratified a collective agreement, of which we have an interim copy. This agreement is now in force and will run from December 12, 2019 to August 31, 2022. Please note that the above verification agreement is being processed for consistency reasons. We will publish the final draft when it is available. At McMaster University, the Canadian Union of Public Employees 3906 is a union committed to improving the working conditions of university workers at the university. The union currently represents approximately 3,500 workers at McMaster and comprises three units.