is dedicated to protecting your privacy and safety while visiting our website. At, we encourage our student users to get permission from their parents or guardian before giving personal information to any website. And, we encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in monitoring their child’s e-mail and other online activities. This shared role ensures that all users have a safe experience, as well as an enjoyable one.’s high-quality, interactive website offers both free and fee-based resources. We have created this Privacy Policy so that you better understand why we may ask you for information, the types of information we may gather, and how that information is used. Rest assured that does not disclose personally-identifying information to third party users.

Protecting Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy and building a safe site is tantamount to our mission sims 4 itemsen. Therefore, we voluntarily adhere to the goals and guidelines established by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

The following information explains’s Privacy Policy and explains our adherence to COPPA:

1. Why we collect information
2. How we collect and use information
3. How we insure your privacy while shopping at’s SuperStore
4. links to other sites
5.’s policy regarding advertising and the use of cookies
6. Learn more about Internet privacy policies and advertising issues
7. contact information
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1 alphabetty saga gratis downloaden. Why we collect information

At we have created a lot of exciting activities that do not require you to provide any personal information. But we have also created numerous interactive features that require some basic information from you that enables you to take full advantage of our site’s educational opportunities. For example,

CyberChallenge allows students to provide a screen name for the high score table. This is voluntary and the screen name can be any name a student selects — real or imagined. It can change every time the student plays the game.
MyMathClass subscriptions require that students select a screen user name. This user name is posted on the student personal progress page format factory for free german. Nicknames or first names only are recommended.

Tell a Friend and Brag Card are features that allow you to send electronic messages to your friends and family. We ask for the email address of your friend or family member only to send the message.

You are not required to provide personal information; however, some information may be needed to provide a more meaningful learning experience or to permit you to subscribe to the online courses or make purchases.

Parents: COPPA prohibits children’s web sites from requiring a child to provide any information other than what is reasonably necessary for participation in activities. complies with COPPA to ensure that your child’s visit to our site is both safe and enjoyable.

2 herunterladen. How we collect and use information

Generally, information will be requested or collected for internal purposes. The information we may gather may be used for general information, registration access, and/or passive data collection.

General information
The information we collect depends on what you do during your visit to our website. Information may be requested or collected so we can:

provide a more meaningful learning experience by tracking and providing immediate feedback on your children’s progress as they play learning games or take online courses

customize content or page layouts for individuals users
verify credit card information when you subscribe to an online course or makes a purchase

respond via email to your inquiries or let you post information on our site
confirm that a child has a permission from a parent or guardian to work in fee-based parts of our site, or to request permission from a parent or guardian to collect information from a child

protect your child while he or she visits our site

protect the security of our site

We will not require you to disclose any information other than what is reasonably necessary for us to permit you or your child to participate in a specific activity. If you would like to review information collected from your child, have information deleted, or discontinue collection of information from your child, please contact us immediately (see contact information at the bottom of this page).

Registration access
Some portions of the site require you to register to access them, while other features request optional information to initiate interactive elements pdfforge download for free.

Subscribers to MyMathClass are required to provide with an online screen name. A privacy notice is posted next to this request stating that students should only provide their first name, a nickname, or a made-up screen name. recommends that users never use their last name or full name on the Internet.

At the point when a subscription to is purchased, we will ask for the email address of the subscription purchaser. This email address allows to verify your subscription and to notify you when new courses are posted or when your subscription renewal date has arrived.

“Tell a Friend,” “Brag Cards” and “Daily Brain Wizard” are all optional features that allow you to send electronic messages to Mathmastery, friends and family kartenspiele pc kostenlos herunterladen. We ask for a first name, nickname or screen name, and an email address, to send your message. does not collect or aggregate these names. They are only used to forward your messages. does not intentionally post, rent, sell, trade or disclose personally-identifying information to third party users!

Passive data collection 
At times, does collect aggregate data, which is information about visits to our site, as a whole, and not personally-identifying information about individual visitors. The information we gather includes the number of visitors to our site, how long the visitor stays, and which website features and activities are used the most often phyton herunterladen. We also use aggregate data to determine general information about the types of computers, browsers, and operating systems that are used to view our site. This data helps us to ensure that the technology we use successfully allows users to view our features.

3. How we insure your privacy while shopping at’s SuperStore

The SuperStore is clearly labeled “SuperStore for parents and educators.” The SuperStore-and the affiliate stores selected to link from sell education-related products. The educational products offered for sale are appropriate for students in the first through twelfth grades.

Navigation to the SuperStore appears after a solid line, which divides it from the work and play areas of the site. A lime green frame will always appear down the left column of the SuperStore page. This frame serves as a bumper guard to remind children and teens that they are in a “shopping” area microsoft office kostenlosen deutsch chip. As an added security feature, a message will appear on the SuperStore home page and the store check out page that reads: “If you are under 18 years of age you must have permission from your parent or guardian to order.”

4. links to other sites links to other sites outside of the site. These sites are reviewed carefully before being selected for a link to; however, it is important to note that these sites may not adhere to the same privacy guidelines as When you click on one of our links, a solid yellow frame, often accompanied by the logo, frames the selected site. This frame serves as a caution reminder to students that they are outside the site and to not provide personal information without parent permission.

5.’s policy regarding advertising and the use of cookies

We’re proud of the fact that does not allow banner advertising on our site microsoft wordpad kostenlos!

Cookies, which are small data files, are not required to run any of the components of our site. If you have the cookies settings turned off in your browser, our programs will run. If you have the cookies settings turned on, the application software (Cold Fusion) which runs our site will store a session ID on a cookie. These cookies help us collect aggregate data about our site for the purposes of improving our offerings.

No personally-identifying information will be stored on the cookie. At the close of a session, any information on the cookie will be deleted. Only the session ID is used to track your child’s progress as he/she engages in learning activities or takes online courses. This enables us to provide progress reports to you or your child while you are visiting our site.

6. Learn more about Internet privacy policies and advertising issues

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) provides safeguards to protect children’s privacy on the Internet by regulating the collection of personal information from children under age 13 herunterladen. COPPA was signed into law on October 21, 1998 and went into effect on April 21, 2000.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule that implements COPPA was developed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC oversees compliance with COPPA and is responsible for its enforcement.

COPPA requires certain commercial websites to get permission from parents before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information from children under the age of13. This applies to websites and online services that are targeted to or know they are collecting data from children under the age of 13. Before collecting information, websites must notify and obtain verifiable parental consent. COPPA covers all personal information collected after April 21, 2000, regardless of any prior relationship an operator has had with a child.

COPPA also stipulates that websites must also post a privacy policy describing what personal information they collect from children, how it is to be used, and if it is given to third parties. A link to the privacy policy must be prominently displayed or accessible on the website’s home page and on any other area where personal information can be collected from children.

You can find additional information on Internet Privacy Policy at the websites listed below:

Center for Media Education,
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Privacy Initiatives
FTC KidzPrivacy Site
The Better Business Bureau