What is available at MathMastery.com?

  • Engaging, interactive math curriculum and activities based on the award-winning Core Concepts in Science and Mathematics programs
  • Flexible content for enhancing your school’s math curriculum or for reinforcing concepts at home

Does MathMastery.com really help improve students’ math skills?

  • Dramatic increases in student achievement are expected, with rigorous math activities in an appealing, fully-animated setting.
  • The curriculum is already successfully used in over 1,000 districts.
  • Validation of the program’s instructional design, content, and effectiveness was solidly confirmed by independent research studies.

Who developed My Mastery Network and how do I know it is scientifically researched?

  • The award-winning Core Concepts curriculum was developed by a team of professionals at Systems Impact and then adapted for Internet use by our advisors and web developers itunes gekaufte liederen.
  • The U.S. Department of Education reviewed numerous evaluation studies and determined that this curriculum met its high standards for effectiveness. It is listed as a program that works.
  • The courseware has passed the rigorous test of proof for qualifying as a scientifically-researched and reputable program:
  1. Numerous school district and university studies have replicated our own exemplary research findings.
  2.  The Direct Instruction curriculum model has been public and open to public challenge for the past twenty years.
  3. True experiments were conducted on the Core Concepts curriculum in its development and final product stages videos from br mediathek. Randomized and controlled field trials were conducted on the raw curriculum. True experiments have also been conducted on the final programs produced in their original laser disc format in numerous school settings and universities. A complete listing of evaluation studies is available at www.mathmastery.com

What implementation options would be possible?

  • Ideal as stand-alone units for a district or school math program
  • Complementing any pre-existing math program
  • Motivating and stimulating new learning if courseware is used for lesson starters
  • Enhancing mid-topic study through exposure to additional explanations and strategies
  • Providing review and extension opportunities when used as a unit summary piece
  • Offering supplemental classroom instruction that targets the needs of struggling or accelerated learners
  • Supporting any specialized school programming, such as special education, Title 1A, or gifted/talented
  • Boosting individual achievement when used as a home-based tutorial

What kind of math does MathMastery.com feature?

  • Fundamental basics expected of all students, enticingly presented in an interactive format with numerous opportunities to learn each core concept
  • Opportunities for additional practice with games, timed drills, and other activities – beyond the main instructional programs

What is the intended age range for the MathMastery materials?

It is designed for students in second through eighth grades.

How is MathMastery.com different from other mathematics sites?

  • To date, we provide the only fully-integrated mathematics website addressing the demand for high-quality, meaningful, and motivating online math content with comprehensive instructional resources herunterladen.
  • MathMastery.com combines the award-winning instructional design of the Core Concepts programs with cutting-edge Internet technologies.
  • Relevant materials that directly relate to performance measures are aligned with state standards and tests.

Why would we want to choose the My Mastery Network program over other math support programs?

  • My Mastery Network delivers the Core Concepts programs through the Internet with animation and graphics.
  • Classroom instruction can be immediately supplemented at home with challenging math activities extending that day’s lesson. Because the website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, students have the flexibility to review and learn when it’s most convenient for them spelling checker online for free.
  • Management support materials help teachers easily track student progress on lesson status and performance on practice problems, quizzes, and tests.
  • Teachers can create individualized instructional paths for students based on learning needs, and progress is ready for sharing with parents.

How can teachers use My Mastery Network to enhance their mathematics programs?

  • Any lesson is quickly accessed from the Interwrite Whiteboard for large group instruction. Students may complete a corresponding follow-up lesson in My Mastery Network for beneficial practice experiences herunterladen.
  • If this is used as a homework feature, students will suddenly love completing their assignments. Teachers benefit from the management feature that allows student progress to be easily tracked with progress reports that highlight accomplishments.

Is training required before using My Mastery Network?

Specialized training is not necessary for teachers or parents using My Mastery Network with students. However, we always encourage you to take advantage of the newsletters and “webinars” we offer online, dealing with various topics involving instruction and management netflix on laptop movies.

How are lessons organized on My Mastery Network?

My Mastery Network is organized by standards and skills, allowing you to select topics that match your textbook and/or curriculum standards.
Within each course, you can either teach a topic in its entirety or select a specific lesson based on instructional needs.

How much planning time is necessary?

My Mastery Network has been designed so that it requires virtually no planning time on the part of teachers or parents. Keep in mind that many worthwhile techniques and specific activities are suggested in the Teacher’s Manual that would involve some planning.

Will My Mastery Network prepare students lacking skills that had been previously taught?

Students needing additional review can access preliminary lessons that build up to the lesson of the day from My Mastery Network lego spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion.

Can I differentiate instruction with My Mastery Network?

  • As you work with a diverse range of learners, you are challenged to address their unique needs. MathMastery embeds elements that capitalize upon students’ preferred learning styles, including audio, video, and interactivity. It appeals to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities.
  • Our placement tests and on-going assessments keep you informed about student progress. As a result, you will accurately diagnose needs and then modify subsequent instruction office 365 home gratis downloaden. You may even decide to have students entirely complete the program at their own pace.
  • Several other adaptive strategies help students make sense of new material, and these are available in the Teacher’s Manual.

What are the performance tracking components for My Mastery Network?

The Class Profile Record allows overall and sub-skill performance of all students to be analyzed on a single form. It is beneficial for determining student grades, assessing mastery of program objectives, and modifying presentation techniques for future groups of students. The Personal Progress Profile tracks an individual student’s performance, allowing for diagnostic testing and prescriptive teaching youtube musik kostenlos und legal herunterladen.

Can teachers integrate cooperative learning with My Mastery Network?

Certainly! You may organize cooperative work as you would with any math program, and there are sample cooperative group activities for you to consider in the Teacher’s Guide. These springboards invite higher-level thinking and creativity while capitalizing on varied learning styles.

What support materials are available to teachers using My Mastery Network?

  • The MathMastery website features:
  • The Spotlight on Math newsletter
  • Scheduled webinars (topic-focused online seminars)
  • My Network weekly online discussions
  • Lots of fun practice experiences for your students to enjoy anytime!

Is there a teacher’s guide?

Your Teacher’s Guide for My Mastery Network is another helpful resource with features that will guide your instruction, including:

  • Course Skills – a summary of the broader skill categories within the course curriculum
  • Principles and Strategies Taught in MathMastery – principles students must be able to apply and techniques for solving problems
  • Vocabulary – key mathematical language students should learn and use in meaningful contexts
  • Cooperative Learning Activities – specific suggestions teachers may decide to have students complete with partners
  • Key Discussion Prompts – questions to stimulate higher-level thinking; could be used for class discourse or math journal responses

Does MathMastery.com help protect students when they are online musik herunterladen gratis?

MathMastery.com does not disclose personally identifying information to third party users. Additionally, MathMastery.com does not allow banner advertising on the site. This ensures that the MathMastery.com site is a safe, educational, and entertaining site for children.

How can we get started with MathMastery?

Simply contact us at 1-877-432-MATH to request sample DVD’s or to request a five day free trial of our online courses.

What is the cost of a membership in My Mastery Network?

  • The comprehensive individual student membership costs just $99.95 per year (a bargain compared with the massive inconvenience and expenses of tutoring or the materials for other programs that exist). For households, ask us about discount pricing for siblings or other family members.
  • All-access membership for an entire school costs only $1000 per year!
  • We are so sure of your satisfaction with the results that we even offer a money-back guarantee!

How does the assessment component work on My Mastery Network?

  • Sophisticated teacher management tools are user-friendly, integrated, and efficient. You have a definite information advantage! As a result, you can accurately assess each student’s progress, diagnose individual strengths and needs, and accommodate for group and individual instruction.
  • Students’ lesson completions and test scores are automatically stored, organized, and displayed in real time. You can easily disaggregate or cluster student performance data with the features of color-coding, student-grouping capabilities, and options for customization.
  • Learning can be assessed using placement tests, pretests, posttests, quizzes, tests, remediation segments, review segments, and oral responding during video presentations.